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The Misfits of Missed Fits

The Misfits of Missed Fits

Standing out is not a choice but a way of life. At least for us fuller bust women that is. Literally. There is no way around it. We show up even when we don’t want to. When we are not asked to. When we are…just being. Showing up comes with its own challenges. Not having the right apparel that fits can cause a domino effect on our self esteem and physical well being. Basically, our overall well being. 

The misfits of missed fits is not being able to find what we need and want in the retail and fashion industry, leading us to not feel included socially and physically. Think about it. When you were in high school or college (maybe as early as middle school), do you recall the frustration of not being able to fit into that top, dress, or swimsuit? Not liking how you looked if you did decide to make the purchase probably made you feel even more frustrated, dare I say, disappointed in your body. 

It’s not you. It’s them.  

But it’s not your body. It’s the industry that causes us not to fit in. It’s not us, it’s them. We are not the misfits. The industry has not considered the fit of us so that we CAN fit in. Instead, we fit into THEIR clothes. Fit into THEIR ideal looks. Fit into THEIR ideal clients. 

We are our ideal clients. From having small waists to large busts– to being full figured all around, we are here to take a stand. To stand for representation. To stand for community. To stand for fit. 

We are not their ideal; therefore, we should not settle. Opting to settle for the uncomfortable and unflattering doesn’t do us or anyone else any good. When we settle, we are only left with an unsatisfying purchase and another blow to our social circle of not being able to do what the other girls do. 

In this together.       

Well guess what? You are not alone and there are other fuller bust women who are tired of being the misfits of misfits. There is a fit waiting for you. A fit in sports bras that is. We are here to make you feel confident about how you show up in the world. We are here to celebrate you and welcome you to a community where you fit in because all of us know how it feels to be in that misfitting sports bra. 

We are changing the narrative from misfit to Miss Fit. Our Bounceless Control™ sports bra is your workout companion to help you get to your physical wellness goals. You may have given up on working out because the bounce got to you. You may not be reaching your highest physical capabilities by limiting or modifying your workouts, focusing only on the lower body to avoid dealing with the bounce. Say no more! We know all about that. Not doing what you want to do is also in the misfit category. By getting back to what you want to do physically will get you to being Miss Fit. 

There are active fuller bust women all over the world seeking to claim their space that does not involve the bounce. 

Let’s change the narrative. Let’s #livebounceless. 


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