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Should the Bounceless Control™ sports bra fit tight?

Yes. The Bounceless Control™ sports bra should fit for maximum bounce reduction, especially during high impact activities. 

If you are not wanting a tight fitting sports bra, choosing one size up will give you the fit you are looking for. 

What if I need to exchange for another size?

Email us at yoursupport@bounceless.com and we will send you a shipping label. Email us your order number and we will put your new size in the mail while your return makes its way to us! 

I’m skeptical about the Velcro strap. Does it work?

We understand, which is why we use the strongest Velcro available. We strive to provide the optimal support. 

How should the breast band be worn?

The breast band should be adjusted with the hook and eyes to fit comfortably across the top of your bust. It should be placed where it does not show above the sports bra. 

The breast band is optional. When not being worn, it should be secured with the hook and eyes and lay across your back.  

How should I wash my Bounceless Control™ sports bra

We recommend hand washing in cold water with mild detergent. (If soiled, soak for five (5) minutes before hand washing).  Rinse with fabric softener and hang up to dry.

Another option is to machine wash with other activewear products only. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water.  Hang to dry.  

Note:  If warm or hot water and heat is used on the garment, the garment will not perform as designed. Please follow manufacturer’s recommendation for caring for your garment.

Will there be other colors?

Yes! In the future, we will have other colors. 

Will there be other styles?

Yes! In the future, we will have other styles. 


What is your shipping policy?

Orders will ship 3-5 business days from purchase. UPS or USPS are used for domestic orders. UPS or DHL are used for international orders.