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The Bra Recyclers

 The Bra Recyclers are a clothing recycling social enterprise dedicated to ensuring that preloved bras and prostheses go to those who need them most, rather than into landfill. Each year, they accept thousands of preloved bras and prostheses from individuals and businesses and either recycle them or give them to women and girls in need, for example, those who are escaping domestic violence or human trafficking. The Bra Recycler’s impact is huge – both environmentally and socially. 

Bounceless has partnered with the Bra Recyclers as one of their Bra Recycling Ambassadors, which means we’ll be working with them to encourage the reuse of preloved bras! We’re running a rewards program through which you can earn a discount on your next purchase if you recycle your preloved bra(s). This can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Wash your bra(s).
  2. Fill out the recycling form and you’ll receive a non-postage-paid mailing label via email.  
  3. Attach the non-postage-paid label to your package and mail it. 

Once your preloved items have been received, you’ll receive a 15 % off discount code via email to use on your next purchase. It really is that simple! Not only will you be helping vulnerable women and girls all over the world, but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the planet. 

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