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Take Your Pick: Sports Bras for Various Activities.

Take Your Pick: Sports Bras for Various Activities.

Choosing the right sports bra for your particular physical activity is important. Activities vary in their intensity, which means you have options when it comes to the sports bra you can wear.

A low-impact sports bra is great for everyday wear.

Most sports bras these days are wire free, which makes for comfortable wear throughout the day and make for an easy transition  for an evening walk with friends.

Along with walking, low-impact sports bras are great for yoga or pilates. 

It’s smart to wear a sports bra during any type of physical activity especially when you’re a C+ cup because of the support it gives!  Honestly, even if the activity doesn’t require excessive movement, you want your breast supported, right?!

A step up from low-impact activities is medium impact activities like hiking, golf, martial arts, weight-lifting, or cycling.

sports bra for large bust

These activities have more movement than walking or stretching. You may not leave the ground, but your breasts are still moving, which requires a bit more support, especially in the straps.

Look for sports bras that have adjustable straps,  fit snug, and  provide compression in order to keep from bouncing.

Now that brings us to high-impact activities like  dancing, running,  jumping, and horseback riding.

 jump rope large breast

These require all the support a sports bra can provide!

Honestly, there should be minimal to no bounce.

Due to the nature of gravity, your breast will bounce up and down as the body goes up and down during running and jumping. In order to work against gravity, look for sports bras that provide compression (as comfortable as your breasts will allow) and make sure the straps are supportive (wide straps are best for bustier women).

Full-coverage sports bras will give better support. Just make sure that none of the breast is hanging out the sides or top.

So remember, no matter what your activity level is, there is a sports bra that will provide you the support you need for that specific activity. Having the right sports bra for your active life will provide you with the comfort, confidence, and control you need to make it through your workout and daily living.


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