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10 Ways to Know if your sports bra is fitting correctly.

10 Ways to Know if your sports bra is fitting correctly.

As fuller bust women, we can write the narrative of frustration when it comes to finding a sports bra that fits. Been there. Tried that.

Sometimes, a little adjustments can go a long way for the right fit. Keep reading to find out how. 

You know you are headed in the right direction of being in a sports bra that fits if you: 

Know your everyday bra size

It’s been stated that more than 80% of women do not know their current bra size. The first step in knowing if you are in the right sports bra is knowing if your everyday bra is the right size. 

Use the measuring guide if you are needing to find your right fit. bra measuring guide

Know how much support you need.

What activities will you engage in? This matters as not every sports bra is suitable for your particular workout or activity. You don’t want to be wearing a yoga sports bra for running. If you are doing yoga, you want to be in a less restricting sports bra, such as a sports bra used for running. 

Check out how different sports bras are used for various activities here

You know you are on the path to being in your correct fitting sports bra if the: 

Shoulder straps 

  • Don’t dig into your skin and leave marks. This means your straps are too tight. 
  • Don’t slide off your shoulders. This means your straps are too loose.

As our bodies change, so should our straps. Opt for a sports bra with adjustable straps. 


The band should fit snug around your torso and should fit tighter than your everyday bra, but not so tight that you can’t breathe! You should fit no more than one finger under your band. 


Being in the correct cup size is important as cups keep your breast in place. This is of higher importance in a sports bra as movement is supposed to be reduced. Even if your sports bra does not come with cups that separate your breast, it should be designed with breast separation in mind.


Your breasts should not spill over from the top or side of your sports bra. If they do: 

  1. You are wearing a sports bra that is too small. 
  2. You are wearing a sports bra that was not designed for you. 

Coverage matters because what is not covered will move, especially being a fuller bust woman.  


If your sports bra returns to its original form, it still has some life! Overtime, elastic and the stretch fabric your sports bra is made from will become too stretchy that it no longer provides you with the support you need.  

 It is recommended not to wear sports bras past one year as it may loose its function due to being stretched. 

If using a sports bra with hook and eyes, like everyday bras, when you get to the last hook and it feels loose, it means you are not in the right size. 

Bounce Reduction

You are in the correct fitting sports bra if it meets your need for bounce reduction! This means, you don’t have to hold your arms to your chest to keep them from bouncing. Yay!

If you find that your sports bra fits well but is not providing you with the support you need, you may want to consider trying a different brand. 

You and your sports bra a good match if your sports bra is not:

Loose? Too Tight?

Loose? A loose fitting sports bra is basically pointless. If your fingers can easily go underneath your band, your sports bra is too loose. 

If your breasts are sitting in cups and not being supported by the cups, your sports bra is too loose. Remember, your sports bra should be designed to reduce bounce. 

Too Tight? If it is difficult to get in your sports bra, that is the first sign that it may be too small, which means it may be too tight. You want to make sure you do not have any difficulty breathing while wearing it.

You are in a good company if you do not experience:


Your skin should not be irritated from wearing a sports bra. If so, this may be due to it being too tight. It could also be that your breasts are rubbing against each other. 

Overall, you should feel comfortable in the sports bra. It fits snug, but not too tight. It provides just the right amount of support for your physical activity. In addition to your sports bra being a good physical fit, it is also a good fit mentally as well because you are not worried about your breast bouncing. 

Please share this with a fellow fuller bust friend if you found this to be helpful. 


Apr 04, 2023 • Posted by Bounceless

Hi Tonya! Thank you for your question. While the Bounceless Control™ sports bra is not designed for the breast to have their own cup, women have found that positioning the girls after getting into the bra alleviates the uniboob look.

Oct 29, 2022 • Posted by Tonya Shackleford

Does Bouncless Sport Bar have Breast Separation? Don’t want to look like a log sausage…

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