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What's Your Workout Personality?

What's Your Workout Personality?


Have you ever considered which workouts match your personality? No worries. The combination of working out and personality is not something that is on a lot of people’s mind. If you are one of the millions of people who have not put personality and workouts together, you may be interested in this read. 

What is personality?

Oxford Dictionary defines personality as “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

Generally, our personalities do not change much as we journey through life. When changes do occur, it is because we have taken inventory of ourselves and feel there is a need to change. If you think back to your childhood, there are some characteristics and qualities about yourself that are still with you to this day. There are also characteristics and qualities that you are glad you have outgrown, and others that you wish you still had. 

What is an archetype?

Although your personality is unique to you, you share a certain archetype with others. 

Oxford Dictionary defines an archetype as “a very typical example of a certain person or thing”.

Find your archetype here

There are workouts for my archetype?

Yes! Why wouldn’t there be? If you have a distinctive character, doesn’t it make sense to have a workout that is just as distinctive as you are? 

There are activities you thrive at doing and others that do absolutely nothing for you but make you question why you did it. 

If wasting time and energy is your focus, continue doing those things that are irrelevant to who you are. 

If you want to continue to grow as an individual, keep reading. 

You may have noticed how easy it is for some people to get up and go without any hesitation. Even outside of working out, they seem to make it work for other aspects in their lives. 

You may have also noticed how it takes a while for some of us to make things happen. A push is needed to get the ball rolling and to stay rolling. 

Let’s clear up something before continuing on. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, STOP. Right now. 

Having a clear understanding of where you are in this particular moment in your life will help you accomplish what you desire. 

When it comes to setting and meeting goals for workouts, make sure you are keeping YOU in mind and not others. 

We all have things we need to work on. Knowing how to get there and who to have in our corner is key. 

We have put together the various archetypes and some exercises that accompany each archetype. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? After completing the archetype quiz, read on to see how you can make the most of your physically active lifestyle. 


The Creative values authentic self-expression, creativity (of course!) and originality. She enjoys making something from scratch. She struggles with making everything perfect. Workouts for the Creative include Zumba and skating with a mix of dance. 


The Athlete values fitness (of course!). She enjoys achieving goals. She struggles with being highly competitive, which can drive her to success or conflict. Workouts for the Athlete include CrossFit, marathons, or team sports. 


The Rebel values justice and fairness. She enjoys living outside of the confines of the society’s norms (of course!). She struggles with occasionally going too far if she is passionate about a certain cause. The Rebel’s workouts include hiking, marathons, kickboxing, and martial arts. 


The Caregiver values empathy, compassion, and love (of course!). She enjoys being with her family and friends. She struggles with saying “no”. The Caregiver’s workouts include yoga, pilates, and family walks. She may find a love of exercise in a group class. 


The Performer values positive attention and wants others to experience strong emotions. She enjoys traveling, entertaining,  and social events. She struggles with finding the need to have attention, even if it’s negative. Workouts for the Performer include ballroom dancing, pole dancing, and skating.


The Visionary values organization and innovation. She enjoys working with new ideas and concepts. She struggles with over-analyzing things which leads to being indecisive. Workouts for the Visionary are martial arts, boxing, urban rebounding, and pilates. 


The Royal values power, control, and reputation. She enjoys supporting causes that she cares about with money. She struggles with realizing that money does not solve all of her problems. Workouts for the Royal are boxing, martial arts, ballet, and personal training. 


The Spiritual values faith (of course). She enjoys meaningful connections with others. She struggles with realizing that her Higher Power gave her control to make choices on her own. While waiting on her Higher Power, she may delay her progress. Workouts for the Spiritual are yoga and walking. 


The Tastemaker  values aesthetics. She enjoys sharing her thoughts with others, especially about fashion or home decor. She struggles with judging others. Workouts for the Tastemaker are Bar Method and a hard core spin class. 


The Explorer values change. She enjoys reading, which takes her to places where she can envision change. She struggles with fear of commitment, which is why she is comfortable with change. The Explorer will hike, but should try new exercises to expand her comfort  and commitment level. 


The Advocate values investing in others, whether that be thorough volunteering or motivating others. She enjoys changing the world with her values. She struggles with being inflexible. Workouts for the Advocate include anything outdoors. 


The Intellectual values learning (of course!). She enjoys discussing things she knows a lot about. She struggles with being okay if she does not have all of the facts before making a choice. Workouts for the Intellectual include the treadmill and elliptical. 

Now it’s time to have fun!

Like with any personality quiz, you may find yourself fitting into more than one archetype. No worries. As we navigate the various phases of life, we will likely find ourselves in various archetypes, depending on that phase. 

You may find that you identify with one particular personality one day and another one on a different day, all depending on your mood. Don’t get stuck on one. This is meant to be a guide to better understand yourself and how your workout habits play into what you know about yourself. 

Create a physical space or time block to engage with your activities. 

No matter what archetype you are or what activities you engage in, as a fuller bust woman, you will want to ensure that you have a supportive sports bra.



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