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Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Here's to a New Year and as the cliche goes, a new you. The new year is a great time to reset and do things differently than the prior year. It’s also a great time to assess whether or not we are ready for the “New You”. 

While listening to a fellow fuller bust woman discuss the beginning of her workout journey last year, the question of whether or not one is ready to engage in physical health became one to ponder on.

Mental preparation needs to be assessed, as this is one of, if not THE most important factor in your health journey.  

Physical preparation to begin or maintain a physically active lifestyle needs to be assessed. 

And last but definitely not least, having the right sports bras in your workout apparel drawer to have a successful workout regime needs to be assessed. 

Let’s break these three down a bit more. 

Mentally ready. 

Mindset is everything. It doesn’t come easy, but a positive outlook can be achieved. It starts with a plan and commitment. Without a plan leading to clear outcomes, commitment can easily be derailed. 

When it comes to planning, keep in mind that it is okay to rethink exercise. It does not have to be painful and boring. It can be rewarding and fun. Don’t think about exercise as something you have to do but something you want to do. What activities are rewarding, fun, and something you want to do? 


Rethinking being physically active can keep you motivated to stay on a physical wellness journey. 

For some, it may be easy to jump right into the routine of working out. There is not much mental or physical preparation needed. For others, mentally getting ready precedes the physical preparation. 

One has to go through the process of deciding is this really what I want to do? Am I committed to this? What are my goals? Will it work this time? Can I do this on my own or do I need a trainer?

Having someone to work out with and/or an accountability partner will help you stay motivated as well. 

Motivation prior to working out and during is key to being ready.  

Physically ready. 

When it comes to being physically ready, have you checked with your doctor (as recommended)? What are some of your limitations? Which exercise regime is right for you? 

The first step in being physically ready is to set realistic goals. You know your body and what you are capable of doing. Maintain activities within your physical capabilities. 

Don’t do too much too soon. Challenging yourself is good, but not to the point of risking an injury, which can set you back mentally. 


Take it one step at a time, literally. If you are just beginning to workout after not doing so for some time, start with a regime you can easily manage. Even if you are already active and are perhaps considering adding additional activities, assessing your current physical state is important. 

It may seem easy to jump into a more challenging activity because you are already active. If it is something unfamiliar, having a clear understanding of the physical demands will save pain, time, and possibly money. 

Sports bra ready.

Now, depending on what physical activities you decide to engage in, as a fuller bust woman, having the right sports bra is crucial to staying and remaining physically active. Not having the right one can set us back mentally and physically. 

When one does not have the proper support, limitations as to what activities to continue or avoid become top of mind. Have the right support from a sports bra from the beginning so that you do not have any setbacks 

Joining a dance class? You get there and find out that the sports bra you are currently wearing doesn’t support you while you are getting your groove on. Modifying your dance moves is not a problem. The problem is modifying them because you don’t want your breast to move. 

Don’t assume that the sports bra you wear for walking will hold up during a dance class or a workout that involves running and jumping. If you are engaging in moderate to high impact activities, wear a full coverage sports bra that reduces the bounce. 

For more information on choosing the right sports bra for your workouts, check out this previous blog post

More on sports bra ready…

It is recommended that you have at least three sports bras in your drawer for a week’s worth of workouts. An easy way to remember what each sports bra should be doing (yes, make them animate objects in your world) is: 

  • One that you are getting ready to wear.
  • One that is ready for your next workout.
  • One in the laundry, preferably air drying and ready to wear soon.  

Depending on the intensity of your workout or how much you sweat, you can get by with wearing your sports bra multiple times before it needs to be washed. The important thing is to have one ready at all times. 

Finally, go into your workout with confidence in your sports bra. That sports bra should be your best workout companion. If you can’t trust her, ypu are back to square one with getting mentally prepared. 

Ready yet?

So, make sure you are entirely ready to take on whatever physical activity comes your way. 

Don’t let your thoughts deter you from trying something new or even starting .

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be at a specific physical goal when you know it is going to take some time to get to that goal.

Don’t let your bust size be a barrier to you reaching your physical goals. Find a sports bra that works best for you. One that provides you with the confidence and bounce control to meet you where you are AND that can take you further. 



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