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Feelin' Yourself

Feelin' Yourself

self breast exam


Disclaimer. The statements expressed are that of Bounceless®. Bounceless® is not providing medical advice. Please seek a professional for advice if you are in need of medical care.

While October is ending, our commitment to breast cancer awareness continues. Education is still needed. Having a month dedicated to awareness is great. Taking action is even better. 

With the increase of women under the age of 40 being diagnosed with breast cancer, it is imperative that we take charge of our health by being the first to know what is going on with our own bodies. 

It’s okay to feel yourself. Seriously. Self-breast exams are essential to your health. No one knows your body like you. 

spilled tea

Regardless of what the current recommendation is for self-exams (there is controversy), you should be familiar with your body and the changes it may be going through.                                                                              

Knowing your family’s history along with knowing your current health status are the first steps in being an advocate for your health. 

Here are some activities to keep in mind throughout the year.


feel it on the first

Every first of the month, feel your breast. Make this a monthly routine so that you can be the first to know what may be going on within your body. 

Check for these signs of cancer when you #feelitonthefirst:

  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
  • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
  • Pain in any area of the breast.

If you notice something abnormal, call your doctor. Waiting for an annual checkup may be too late. 

Incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. 

fruits and vegetables

A healthy diet and daily exercise can reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Making small changes one day at a time can be life changing. 

  • Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Frozen fruit is a great alternative if fresh fruit is not available. 
  • Replace unhealthy snacks-such as high sodium chips-with low sodium chips or trail mix.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. 
  • Slowly ease into a workout routine. Walking is still a great way to exercise without exerting a lot of energy. Being inactive brings on health issues. 
  • Avoid tobacco. 

Schedule your mammogram 


Mammograms are uncomfortable. If you have felt it on the first and called your doctor, having a mammogram will be the next step in determining the status of your breast health. Keep in mind: While mammograms are widely used for screening for breast cancer, breast cancer can still go undetected. 

Asking for an ultrasound, particularly when you have dense breasts, is an additional screening tool. Be prepared for initial objections to ultrasounds unless you are experiencing pain, redness, or discharge of the breasts. If you feel you need an ultrasound, keep pressing your health care provider. 

Educate yourself.

Education is key to knowing what to look for concerning your breast health and who to reach out to. Take caution when navigating the internet as there is a ton of information, some of which can be misleading. 

While Bounceless® does not endorse any particular organization, here is an educational guide as a starting point. 

You are the driver of your health.

While this information may reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is important to remember that if you or a loved one is diagnosed, early detection saves lives. With the current advancements in our medical care, women are thriving past their diagnosis. 

Please do not let October be the only month that you take notice of your breast health. 

You matter. And so do your breasts.


Sweat it OUT!

Sweat it OUT!

It’s summer time. It’s hot. And many people try to avoid the outdoors or doing certain types of activities because of a natural reaction when we are hot: sweat. 

What exactly IS sweat? Sweat is water with tiny chemicals that comes from our overheated bodies. 

“But I don’t like to sweat”. You are not alone. Many people don’t like to sweat. Let’s face it, sweat gets a bad rap. It can be stinky. It can be too much. You may get weird looks when you should be sweating more in a group workout and you’re not (since when is sweating not enough an issue?). 

If you live in a climate with high humidity, expect to sweat just from walking outside of your house. But don’t let the climate keep you from sweating while you workout. 

I need to sweat because...

There are many reasons why we may try to avoid sweating, but check out why we need to sweat.  

  1. Sweat keeps you from overheating. It’s the body’s way of regulating its temperature and keeping it cool, even when you feel everything but cool. So even if you are sitting and you start to sweat, know that your body is doing what it is supposed to do. 
  2. Sweating produces natural endorphins that act as painkillers and stress relievers.. Pushing yourself to sweat could be the healing you need from the aches and pains you feel, physically and emotionally.
  3. Sweat opens pores and gets rid of stuff.  Heavy metals and other pollutants are eliminated through sweat. If these toxins do not leave our body, we end up with acne or blackheads. Who needs adult acne?!
  4. Sweat helps prevent colds and other illnesses because it acts as an antimicrobial peptide called dermcidin, which fights off the germs, rest assured that sweat plays a part in keeping you healthy.  If you have a cut, the sweat can help fight off the germs. When our body is able to fight off germs, we remain healthy. When illness does hit, have you noticed how fevers cause people to sweat? It’s the body's way of releasing the toxins. Some people make themselves sweat out their illness. Embrace sweat as the body’s defense against illness and a healer when it does become sick. 

 *Please consult your physician if you have a fever. This information is not to be taken as medical advice.

5. Sweat keeps your skin healthy.  The process of sweating is what opens up your pores for toxins to be released from your skin. Not all sweat is treated equally, though. When it comes to sweating in your head, salty sweat is not good, so wash that out. The salty sweat contains lactic acid, which can damage the follicles on your scalp. 

Sweat + Weight

If you are focused on your weight, sweating is not a contributor to weight gain or loss. Sorry. Sweat  is water weight, which you replace when you drink more water. If you are not sweating a lot, don’t sweat :) Remember, sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature. Do pay attention to your water intake, as not sweating enough could mean that you are dehydrated. 

When you sweat, your body craves more hydration, which helps with the function of your kidneys. So sweat away!

Sweat + Workout attire

Wear moisture wicking activewear when working out, ESPECIALLY during these hot summer months. Moisture wicking fabrics will absorb the sweat your body produces. 

Sometimes sweating comes from increasing your workout intensity. If you are in need of a sports bra to increase your workouts, check out moisture wicking sports bras from Bounceless®.

Sweat + Mood

Feeling tired and in need of an energy boost? Sweat it out!

Feeling anxious and need to relax? Sweat it out!

When those endorphins kick in, your mood is sure to change for the better. Honestly, do you recall feeling terrible after a sweat induced workout? 

Let us know what you are doing to sweat it out in the comments below. 

#livebounceless and sweat it out!


Big Breast and Mental Health

Big Breast and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There is a lot to be said about our mental health. Especially for big breast women, whether we realize it or not. Honestly, have you considered how your breasts impact your mental health?

This post is not intended to bring anyone down. It is to bring awareness to the fact that sometimes, we need to consider EV-E-RY possibility that contributes to our mental wellbeing, and ways to navigate to a healthier version of ourselves. But first, we must determine the cause of our emotions.


I honestly had not considered the impact my breasts had on me as a young woman until I was older and realized that I was carrying emotional baggage from my youth due to my breast size.

You see, I started wearing a bra in the third grade. I didn’t like the attention so I would wear larger shirts so as not to draw attention to myself. Over the years, ‘hiding’ became a thing for me. Compliments were hard for me to receive because no one was supposed to see me.  

In hiding and limiting myself to receiving compliments, I didn’t show up as a lively individual. When I learned what an introvert was, I said, “That’s me”. But is it? When I feel really comfortable around people, I am not an introvert. But because I didn’t want to be seen, I settled for activities and spaces that would not draw attention to myself. 


I was definitely self-conscious of myself because my body left me no other choice. I was like the letter P, stick figure with curves at the top. I felt awkward. I felt uncomfortable. The uncomfortableness was very apparent when I began running track. 

Middle school. This was NOT the time for me to figure out who I was AND juggle (literally) being an athlete with big breasts. I remember the moment I was going to choose to focus on something other than hiding my breasts. It was the end of my middle school years and I was getting ready to enter high school.I walked by a shopping center on the way to school and took notice of my legs. I told myself, “You have nice legs.” Focusing on something else allowed me to appreciate something about my body.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but feeling good about how you look is important to well…feeling good. If you are struggling to feel good about yourself because of your body, pick ONE thing that makes you say, “Girl, you look good!” Even if it’s your eyebrows-when you get them done. Those tend to be my focus these days. 

Have more than one thing that looks good? Great! Tell another woman she looks good (hair, makeup, outfit). A simple compliment goes a long way.  

Feeling like I didn’t belong.

Knowing that I was often larger than most girls my age made me feel as if I didn’t fit it. I couldn’t wear the cute clothes they were wearing. A) Because the tops didn’t look good on me. B) I really didn’t want to draw attention to myself. 

This became very apparent around the summertime when it was time to shop for swimsuits. To this day, I don’t like shopping for swimsuits. My husband recently purchased some swimsuits online. I took one look at the tops and in frustration, said (maybe even shouted), “I can’t fit that!” 

(Will be working on solving that problem too ;)

Those feelings while shopping as an adolescent still remain with me today. “I won’t look good in that”. “That’s cut too low”. Things I still tell myself sometimes because of my past shopping experiences. 

Speaking of a shopping experience. How many of you have gone to get fit for a bra and wanted to cry when you were told your true cup size?

Guess what? It’s just a letter. I had to learn this the hard way. I was “hurt” when I was told I was an F and I thought I was a D. The expression on the fitter's face let me know that she had dealt with other women like me telling her, “No I’m not!” 

Ladies. You fit in and belong to a community more than you know. And you belong in your correct cup size. So go get fitted!

Onward and Upward! (in life, not the bounce)

Now that I realize what was holding me back from being my full self, I can face life with a new outlook. My breast size does not: 

  • Define who I am. 
  • Tell me how I should show up in the world. 
  • Tell me what  I can do and cannot do. 

If you’ve struggled to find joy and peace in your life because of your bust size, please know that you are not alone. 

Say this with me: 

My breast size does not define me. 

I can live and be the best version of myself. 

Now, go out there and live!

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